Kavya Saurabh Rastogi is the Manager of various educational institutions including the illustrious Maharaja Harishchandra P.G. College, Moradabad.

He has a vision-the vision to serve the society through the educational institutions for the purpose of producing the fruitful students. In his words- The mission of Maharaja Harishchandra P.G. College, Moradabad is "to provide Quality-based Higher Education replete with cultural values" for making the poor and weaker students fruitful citizens so that they may contribute in the field of knowledge and lead a respectful life with their independent thinking, commitment and positive outlook on life.

He says "Maharaja Harishchandra P. G. College has its own rich tradition of providing qualitative education to the students. The Managing Committee is unanimous for the progress of the institution. Being the manager, I am proud of entire staff of the college for doing remarkable work for the progress of the institution. The Managing Committee will help them with its resources in all their visions and dreams for making the institution number one in providing qualitative education which will certainly help the students in all round development of their personality which will be an asset for the society".