Kavya Saurabh Rastogi is the National President of the renowned All India Harishchandra Vanshiya Mahasabha Yuva Mandal.

Following the principle of "Satyawadi Maharja Harishchandra", he is on his journey toward the social and cultural progress of his Harishchandra Vanshiya Smaaj with the positive thinking and committed devotion.

His tenure as National General Secretary was fruitful and full of achievements. He organized the swajatiya yuva power through his two successful yuva adhiveshans.

Kavya Rastogi travelled Eastern U.P., Bihar and western U.P. widely from the point of view expansion of organization. He has given strength to the organization through his continual tours.

He also visited Rohtasgarh Fort, which is built in the name of Rohitashva, the son of Satyawadi Raja Harishchandra. This fort is situated in Rohtas District of Bihar, He whishes that this Fort should be recognized as a National Monument. Inspiration from Dr. Rakesh Chandra Rastogi (Khatema) makes him able to perform the activities of Yuva Mandal.