Kavya Saurabh Rastogi is a social worker with a purpose. He believes in the principle of sharing. He shares with the people of the society and tries his best to remove the pain and suffering of the people, particularly the weaker section of the society including women and children.

He established two schools in the slums of Moradabad just for the deprived section of community.

The social life of Kavya Rastogi is full of achievements, He has performed his duties while remaining on the important posts of different organizations including Bharat Vikas Parishad, Kartikeya, Moradabad Sanskriatik Samaj, Sahityakar Smarak Samiti, Dropadi Devi Ratan Lal Rastogi Smarak Siksha Samiti.

He has given new orientation to the society through his work. Besides this, he continues to motivate the youths for nation building through N.S.S. & N.C.C. Camps. He is quite conscious towards environment and for this he has published the book 'Paryarvaran Pachisi'.

Words fail to define life, which is a mystery
Let my work speak what life is...